Bio: My spirit animal is a shoe...what can I say? I have "Real Housewives" dreams but the life of "Lucy". My momma always says that I have Champagne taste and a beer pocketbook. In other words, I have a grand time on a little budget but I'm happy to make it work because I like both of those beverages and I'm a positive person. Some would call this a "lifestyle blog", I just call it Barrelassin'. I'm all over the place so keep up if you can (want) to. Everyone is welcome on this ride of mine but dream-killers will be pushed out of the car. I love Rock 'n' Roll, live music/concerts, traveling, and tripping up the stairs then telling you about it. I love my mom, Van Halen, Bethenny Frankel, big hair when I can afford it and $2 eyelashes. All of which I also love telling you about. I'm throwing my family in there, too, but my grown children are currently trying to force a dog on me so I didn't list them first. Enjoy, Barrelassers!

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