Love You, Bye

  I love to tell stories, but telling your stories and writing your stories are two totally different things. Putting them on paper is much harder than using my hands to help me talk while telling them. Love You, Bye, is my attempt to shed a little light on our childhood while talking in the moment. Telling more than one story at a time ninety miles a minute is what I’m good at, but telling them to someone in a way to make them understand without losing them in the process could cause people to actually pull their hair out. If you go bald reading this when it comes out, I am sorry.

I don’t have an exact release date for my new book, but I sure am trying to nail one down. Check back to read about our shenanigans soon <3. #LoveYouBye #Mickey&April #AintLifeFunny

Enjoy, Barrelassers 😉

74th Barrelassin’ Birthday Bash!

Located on the North Shore of Hawaii, near Honolulu, you can visit The Dole Plantation. Beautiful grounds and a good time. You could make this an a day trip if you want with several different things to do there. We didn’t do the GIANT maze, and I do mean GIANT, because we had other plans for the day. We elected to take The Pineapple Express around the place and get about 20 or 25 minutes of information of everything we passed via the train conductor. Great idea!
I highly recommend purchasing the GoPass Honolulu card if you plan to see a lot of sites. Make sure you purchase the one for the number of days you will need. Everything at the Dole Plantation is on the pass. And if you don’t have the pass, or want to save it for a more expensive place, nothing at the plantation is very expensive. Maybe $7 or $8 for each thing. If you have a large family though, it could save you a lot. You can get them for several different cities. Here’s a link to the plantation and the GoPass site.


The front of the plantation
My barrelassin hubby and me!
Barrelassin’ Momma and Barrelassin’ little sister!
Entrance to the train
About to take a ride on The Pineapple Express! Choo Choo!
No idea what type of tree this is- but these are the actual colors. Beautiful!

Pineapples sent all over
Fun time pictures on the property
Pineapples growing everywhere!

You MUST try the famous pineapple whip!
But be sure to finish before you get to the train. You can’t wait on the train with it.
It’s delicious!

Enjoy, Barrelassers 😉