I had so much fun going to Nashville with my Barrelassin’ Momma last night to see Kathy Griffin! Now-where to start? A few days ago I saw she was gonna be in Nashville, about three and a half hours from my home. I sent a text to my 71 year old mother and asked her if she’d like to go with me. She said sure and I explained how excited I was since Kathy is one of my favorites!
 Lucky for me I’ve been earning and saving Hilton points. Everybody knows I love those HHonors points and those dreamy beds 🙂 I don’t know why I haven’t been doing that for years, but I’m glad I finally started- it gave me the opportunity to get a nice Hilton room using points and very little money.
 So the day we’re leaving town, Barrelassin’ Momma begins to tell some friends that we’re going to see Kathy. She looks at me and asks before confirming to our friends,”who are we seeing again? Kathy who?” I answer,”Griffin.” Barrelassin’ Momma then said “oh yes, I get her name mixed up.” We’re going to see that Kathy Lee with Hoda.” Myself and our friends (the bank-tellers) look at her in shock as I suggest to her that if she thinks she’s about to go see Kathy Lee Gifford do some sort of live show with Hoda, and is expecting some sort of a Today Show performance-  she’s about to be terribly shocked!
 We explained, she thought it was as funny as we did and she enjoyed the show…thankfully! (wiping sweat from my head) Barrelassin’ Momma is hysterical this way- in the way that she keeps a piece of paper taped over the camera on  her laptop so people can’t watch her while she’s on her Spacebook.
Enjoy,Barrelassers 🙂