I was Michael Jackson’s girlfriend when I was little. He didn’t know it, but I  sure did lol. Our love was held together by zippered jackets, shiny gloves and countless hours of trying to moonwalk. I must have driven my mother crazy playing and re-playing the same Thriller album over and over and over.

 One Christmas, my mom got me the Michael Jackson doll, along with the Dolly Parton and Elvis doll. What a combination. I also received the Barbie McDonalds that same Christmas. Michael Jackson regularly worked at McDonalds and sold Elvis and Dolly Big Macs. In my house, you could wear a shiny glove and work the register.

 The Paparazzi  never bothered Dolly and Elvis. After all, back then, they were just Barbie’s parents. I had the Marilyn Monroe doll as well and she was Michaels girlfriend at McDonalds. That was one happening burger joint!

 In all seriousness, I remember so well the day my mother called to tell me that Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital, not breathing. I literally remember being in the carport of my friend’s house, loading kids into a car, about to be on our way to an outdoor concert to have some fun. I’m pretty sure I first felt like this was one of those days that I’ve always known was coming. Then I quickly went into denial and spoke to mom as if she was over re-acting, and things were fine.

 A short time later, in the drive-thru of  Taco Bell, we had the radio on with all the breaking news and my mom calling me back and forth trying to update me, I clearly remember them stating that Michael Jackson had passed, then instantly they weren’t sure, then again, they had confirmed it. My little heart dropped to my stomach and I fought the tears, not wanting to seem ridiculous to everyone else in the car.

 We went about our day at the show, only mentioning it occasionally, like how sad it was and such. Then I ended up marrying the TV so that I was able to keep up with every single piece of MJ coverage. I watched the entire funeral with a box of Kleenex and just sobbed. My tears were no match for such a touching and sad televised event. RIP Michael Jackson, King of Pop 😦


Today I set my very own record! I walked the track in two minutes flat! I got all gussied up in my track clothes. You know, the clothes that help make you feel more amazing anytime you exercise? Anyway, I’m getting off track here(pun intended.)

 Getting off track was exactly what I intended to do after only one minute and  half way around my first lap, when a man walked out of the woods with  a weed eater. I don’t know if my heart actually stopped, but I know it was no longer beating at a healthy pace or rhythm once I saw him.

 My daughter was sitting in our car chillin’ when this all took place. I continued the last half stretch toward my car, all the while pretending to admire the trees on each side, my head darting from side to side as I secretly kept my eyes on how far behind me the weed eating murderer was walking. I reached the part of the track nearest our car with my very best “everything’s all cool, you didn’t just scare the shit out me” attitude just in time to pretend I needed to stop and ask my daughter a question before the killer closed in on me. I’m sure I was very inconspicuous, like a spy. I made it  just in time for the murderer to continue walking right past us.

 Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed a little suspicious that he walked across the street and began his weed eating cover character over there. I asked my daughter what she thought I should do, she gave me her most puzzling look and told me that I should probably continue my walk. I started to, I tried as hard as I could, I even took a few steps, then I heard the weed eater slow down, almost to a complete stop. It was then that  I realized if I kept going, and I reached the far side of the track and that man came back across the street, I would surely die. Probably of a heart attack before he had time to kill me, but either way, I would be dead.

 I decided to leave and finish my walk at home, where the streets are safe. This is how the conversation between me and my daughter went down next:
Daughter: “You only walked one lap.”
Me: ” Excuse me, a man came walking out of the woods at me!”
Daughter: “With a weed eater!”
Me: “Well, it may as well have been a chainsaw and a hockey mask. Take me home.”


Holy shit! Waiting for the marked drowsiness to kick in from my Benadryl! Magnum P.I. and Murder She Wrote just crossed paths! It is either officially past my bedtime, or I am actually asleep. Possibly even time travel. Not sure yet. :/ Magnum is about to be charged and needs Jessica’s help. Luckily for him, she happens to always be in the area whenever a murder takes place. He’s going to wait for her to re-enact the whole situation, and then I’m sure she’ll figure it all out, making it possible for Magnum to spend just under a TV hour in the slammer. Magnum’s sole job on this episode is to sit behind bars and let Jessica Fletcher put the puzzle together. As cheesy as it seems now, naturally, I’m glued to the TV and a little nervous, hoping against all odds that she can do it!
Wrap your heads around that Barrelassers. Enjoy 🙂


I loved Beverly Hills Cop when I was a kid! I loved Eddie Murphy in everything! Trading Places was hilarious to me, but his stand-up was the best. I wasn’t nearly old enough to be watching Eddie Murphy’s stand-up, but I did. I watched it every chance I got. I’m pretty certain that I was the only fifth grader wearing a Lawd Have Murphy shirt to school. My Barrelassin mom went and saw that show live, and I cried and was so upset that she wouldn’t take me with her, but she did bring me a shirt. Thanks  mom 😉 I can’t imagine the humiliation she would’ve felt had she took an eleven year old child to see Eddie Murphy live, however, mom, I think that was my last shot. She suggested I see Whitney Houston instead of Motley Crue when given the choice, because she said Whitney may never come back to our town. She was right, we saw her, it was fantastic, and she never came back. I should’ve thought to use this logic with Eddie Murphy. I still haven’t seen him :/
“I got some Ice-cream, and you don’t have none.”

Goony Goo-Goo Barrelassers 🙂


I hope all the daddys out there had a totally rockin’ Father’s Day today! We had a blast today celebrating with my kids and the husband and close friends. I love my husband and all, and he’s a wonderful  dad to my kids (and technically he’s their stepfather.) He’s been with them for 11 years and they are his!! He loves them and they love him. I love him, too, but I’m crossing my fingers right now that when I step into the living room, he’s asleep on the couch so I  can have the one beer in the refrigerator. I love him and all, he’s a great dad to the kids, but I really want that beer to drink while I watch the Housewives and fall asleep! We’ll see, I guess. I spent part of my relaxing day explaining to a 76 yr old woman that my favorite show involves two women who hate one another, and I’m pretty sure the root of it all is Sprinkle Cookies. The RHONJ holds my attention; I can’t help it.  Let’s go see about that beer; Andy Cohen’s got the 411.

He’s the king of midnight fun! Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂