Bravocon 2019

You’d think I’d have found plenty of time by now to add all of my Bravocon 2019 photos, but let’s be honest…I still haven’t added my Anniversary trip in Ireland from around this time last year.

This, is the goal I should be setting for myself rather than counting my calories between wine and food.

We all know I’m gonna choose the wine, and then later, after I’ve finished the wine, I’m gonna be like, “Omg! Food is so good! I’m gonna eat ALL the food with a shovel!”

I’ll start with this little Bravocon photo and consider it a step in the right direction.

Lucy 💋

#bravocon #bravocon2019 #nyc #newyork #belowdeck #katechastain #bravocelbs #RickyandLucy #barrelassin #Lucy

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