So the dryer is no longer heating. It seems it went on strike. My husband took it apart last night, but still no word on if they’ve reached an agreement, or if and when it will be coming back to work anytime soon. 
Knowing the dryer wouldn’t heat made me instantly assume the entire house was dirty.  A knee-jerk reaction I’ll admit. 
As I opened the dishwasher this morning I counted blessings and found myself thankful that it wasn’t the dishwasher that refused to cooperate. This means I would rather have dirty clothes than wash dishes, I guess. 
I told the kids it was no problem, I could still wash clothes and dry them in t sun, but just to be sure, everyone should turn their underwear inside-out at least once. 
I don’t think they’re going to sign- off on this arrangement. 
Enjoy, Barrelassers 🙂
Barrelasser Mickey


Unicorns do exist, and apparently appear in the shape of teenage sons with bad language on their shirts. The question is, do I try to ground him or make him pose for a photo? Clearly, this was the appropriate choice. Teenagers are why people drink and I needed a good excuse for a glass of Champagne anyway. Cheap Champagne, that is. My other option was a trusty ole PBR, but  the Champagne makes it appear like I’m just sipping a drink and nobody counts how many glasses you’ve had until the bottle is empty.
 Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂


So my 19 yr. old son just broke it all down for me…

When his friend offered his condolences to him over the break-up with his girlfriend a couple of months ago, and told him there’s a billion  other girls out there, my son came to this conclusion:

Out of a billion  girls, she would have to be “hot.” That right there knocks it down to millions of girls.
Out of millions of girls, he’d have to know she wasn’t a complete skank. That narrows his options down to hundreds of thousands of girls.

By the time he subtracts the ones that are psychotic in the head, his search field is narrowed considerably to thousands of girls.

He then has to assume that the ones that would be content, happy, or just simply willing to be with him would narrow it down to hundreds of girls.

He then declared this leaves him on a search for one girl out of hundreds spread out across the entire world, and he doesn’t think she’s here in hometown, Tennessee.

When I asked him where he thinks she might be, he explained he would like to start the search in Narnia, so he will need me to clean his closet.
My response: “The bitch better be magical!”

Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂


I know you’re trying to be nice, but it’s okay to bite everyone’s heads off. Eat all the chocolate chip cookies you can get your hands on, with milk, don’t work-out, get in bed and lock the damn door so nobody can bother you!

Feeling bloated and fat? So the hell what! Dare someone to say something about it while you’re in this mood! People think you’re being bitchy? Give them a reason and then demand they slide more cookies under the door. If they really love you, they’ll lace your cookies with Midol and crush a Vicodin in your Vodka for dinner that THEY better be cooking for you! And if they don’t, kick their asses out… stupid screwballs!

Try to get a good night’s sleep now y’all!
Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂


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