Long before Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, got swept off her feet, Dolly Parton’s prince, Burt Reynolds, carried her off in a pick up truck. Here’s my question, did any of the “whores” in that movie go on and have big acting careers? Where are they now? The whores from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Who are these whores? I love watching the B actors and extras in older movies to see if I recognize them from any A list parts now. I recognize people sometimes. Interesting. Well, I’m getting out of my coat of many colors and hitting the hay. Gonna be traveling from 9-5 tomorrow.
Goodnight Barrelassers; I’ll always love you 🙂


I have absolutely no clue how this shit works. I’m just being honest. I was scrolling through here trying to share a video to my website, when I  stumbled upon a page that explained to me how many circles I have.(I still don’t know what the hell a circle is.) I also have no freaking clue what it would mean for me if I had a circle or how many I have. I did however find a page (by accident) showing me that nobody has added me to their circles lol. I can only assume this is a bad thing? WTF? It’s all I can do to keep up with who likes me on Facebook, how in the hell am I supposed to keep up with a freaking circle in a community I know nothing about. How many people are in this community? Do I live here?


I attended a “decaades” themed birthday party lastnight with my Barrelassin family. My beautiful Barrelassin daughter went as Sandy, from Grease. As for myself, slipping right back into the eighties took less time than it does to make toast. The only thing I had to purchase to make this happen was a can of Aquanet, and that weird, frosty colored lipstick. The jacket…still in my closet. The Van Halen shirt…still in my drawer, I wear it around the house all the time. The pants are from this year, look like they’re not, but are now called skinny jeans. The high top Nikes with the pink swoosh, are only a couple of years old. I never really wear them, but I loved them when I saw them. (memories) The hair was like riding a bike. It came back to me in seconds lol.
Enjoy Barrelassers:)