Great Balls of Fire!🔥


erry Lee Lewis! Live in concert! December 10, 2018, Nashville, TN.
My little (Barrelassin’) momma has had me all over his appearance schedule for a few years now and unfortunately for her I could never find a date or event that worked for us. Also unfortunately for her, I started slacking a little on the hunt, but she didn’t let that deter her. She actually found this one on her own! Not only does the date work, but it’s only a three-hour drive from home.
She’s brought it up to us several times and has waited patiently for us to make some sort of move in her favor. Today, we finally had to pull the trigger and get her tickets for Christmas and go ahead and let her know before she ended up getting them herself.

Pictured is an old photo from back in the day when she was able to meet him. How did she manage that? you wonder. She simply walked to his dressing room door, knocked on it and asked for a photo. She’s definitely where I get my “great balls of fire” from!
Remember, if you never ask, the answer is always no.




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Barrelassin’ Momma’s Vintage Clothes 😮

And just like that, I turned around two times in a phone booth and I can now be a country star from the early 70s .
I squeezed my booty into Barrelassin’ Momma’s swanky outfit that she bought in Nashville, at a store called Alamo, before I was born in the early 70s. Apparently they made clothes for country singers? That’s the word on the street. I can totally pull this off!


When I asked my brother, who lives in Nashville, about a particular neighborhood and if I would go to jail for taking photos…he informed me that the neighborhood was full of mostly old money and Judges. He continued…not like American idol judges…but judges that will have you arrested and taken to jail for stalking and taking photos of their homes. Thankfully the day of stalking was nearly over. Whew! That could have been a close call ;).

Dottie West- Nashville, TN. 2013 (One of them)
Somebody’s gonna give you a lesson…I’m just sayin’.
Patsy Cline-Nashville,TN. March, 2013

Earl Scruggs- Nashville, TN.2013
Foggy Mountain Breakdown!

Martina McBride- Nashville, TN. 2013

Ronnie Milsap- Nashville, TN. 2013

Minnie Pearl- Nashville, TN. 2013

Lynn Anderson- Nashville, TN. 2013 (RIP- Rose Garden 😦 )

Dolly Parton- Nashville, TN. 2013

Kenny Chesney- Nashville, TN. 2013

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill- Nashville, TN. 2013


Have been waiting for this concert for months. LITERALLY! Months ago my little sister purchased tickets for me, herself, and our mother as a gift for my upcoming 40th birthday in January, since I am self-proclaimed “Keith Urban’s biggest fan”. The concert happens to be on January 31, 2014 (Knoxville, TN), thirteen days after my birthday, so it’s perfect timing for his show to be in our area at that time. Did I say “perfect?” It is now the source of my stress headache.
Meet my son, Noah. He is a Senior in high school and has played basketball since the third grade. I am also Noah’s biggest fan, naturally. I’ve also been awaiting Senior Night at his last regular season basketball game of his life for months ;This makes me tear up every time I think a bout it. Senior Night is a moment to be very proud of. All of the Seniors and their parents are honored together on the court during the game that night. I am very proud to be his mother 🙂 
I recently found out that Senior Night will be on January 31, 2014…the same night as the Keith Urban concert that we have tickets for. I felt a little pain in my heart upon hearing this news. Obviously, I would not miss my son’s big night, and although years ago, I had to give up my Cheetah Girls ticket and let someone else take my daughter so that I could attend my oldest son’s eighth grade championship basketball game, I think this one may leave a scar. It’s not as simple as buying another ticket, for another show, in another town.So, I’m trying my very best to seek out anyone who may have tickets to another show on the tour, somewhere that I can drive to, that would be willing to trade their three tickets for my three tickets. We have pretty decent seats, and I would naturally like to trade for three equally decent seats as well. 

 Doesn’t it seem ironic that as I sat wearing my son’s high school basketball sweatshirt a few years ago, while I was sitting on the cold, wet ground waiting for Keith Urban to arrive and receive his star on the Walk of Fame in Nashville? A star that I drove four hours in the middle of the night with my barrelassin’ momma, to see him receive?

 Who wouldn’t wanna be me (pun intended) watching him accept this honor in person? I seriously doubt he’s willing to return the favor by driving up to wait and watch while my son receives his his Senior plaque lol. Especially when he has a show to put on the same night. And I’m pretty sure he won’t wait for me to get there since they start around the same time and I will be about an hour away 😦

That’s me being really happy to be there! Maybe someone will see this post and be willing to trade their three seats in their town for our three seats in our town. If everyone shared this, it would increase my extremely small odds. Keith Urban, and country music fans are the most loyal fans on the planet- I could actually make this happen if I could get the word out! Now go pass it along and help a mother out! 
contact info: or
Enjoy, Barrelassers 🙂


Is there a such thing as concert etiquette? And if so- what are the ground rules? If I were to try and answer this question giving my opinion, I would have to say things like, standing on your seat in front of those behind you wouldn’t be the kindest thing to do. I think invading someone’s space, their personal bubble should only be broken if there is an invitation- it may be an unspoken invitation, but one can usually tell if everyone is on the same page and in it together. The lines and boundaries are typically drawn right up front, and by all means, should be respected.

But what about talking? Is talking new on the list or it strictly reserved for those who have a stick up their ass and I’m just now, after years of concert experiences, finally getting a good taste of what it’s like to have the one complete jackass, out of all the seats in the entire Bridgestone Arena, residing in my section? I freely admit- I am a talker; me and talking go way back. It’s on my list of my most favorite things to do; I like to talk so much and share my opinions that I have to have a blog just in case there’s no one around to listen. But, in my defense, we were at a rock concert- not the freaking Opera! And it wasn’t like I was talking directly to the noise police- I was speaking to one of the three other people in the group that I was attending the show with.

I was unaware that the noise patrol officer had purchased a seat one row up behind us, and imagine my surprise when I found out. I mean- you wouldn’t ordinarily commit a crime knowing the authorities were looking- I’m no fool, so it was a huge shock to me when one of the Barrelassers with me was talking about her favorite Don Henely song; I should mention we were at The Eagles concert in Nashville, Tn.- when I began to explain  how the song she was referring to, Leather and Lace, by Don Henely and Stevie Nicks, was the song my Barrelassin’ husband and I had played in our wedding ceremony as the wedding party walked down the aisle. Apparently, this was more than the man with the stick up his ass, I mean the noise police, or whatever the technical term for him is; jackass I guess, could handle, and he actually leaned over from above us, placed his hand on my shoulder or our shoulders I’m not sure, and actually asked if we would keep it down, stating that “we” meaning himself and whoever else he thought he was at the Opera with, didn’t really need or care to hear about it.

Well, if there’s one thing I do know for sure- it’s that the quickest way to get me to do something is to rudely tell me not to.  And I must say, I don’t know what you would call my dis-function, clinically speaking, but I have no real problem telling people what’s on my mind or what I think, but at the same time I almost never, ever say the first thing that comes to mind, and somehow what I’m thinking is not what actually comes out of my mouth, unless I am truly angered or offended by what someone has said to me- and if asked for an opinion I will freely give it in as nice a way as I know how. I do not believe for one second that everyone has to agree with everything someone says for a conversation to flow smoothly and I certainly don’t always tell people what they want to hear. I am objective and open despite what some people may think, but the only people who think otherwise are definitely the people who didn’t hear what they wanted to hear from me.

Anyway- for a single moment, I think I may have gone into shock, which is why I didn’t instantly respond with something more along the lines of, ” Or… you could kiss my ass and sit back down in your seat.” Or perhaps spice it up a little with the ole, ” I’ll bet now you’re kicking yourself for not bringing your hearing-aid with you since you clearly cannot hear the very loud music coming through hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of perfectly good, gigantic speakers over my voice.” And I’m a little disappointed in myself for not giving him a good dose of everything special in me by insisting that he hear, for the duration of the concert, every last detail of my wedding day. After a few seconds of de-scrambling what my ears had just heard and a good, clear processing in my brain, I almost couldn’t keep my mouth shut. It was a very tough battle between my brain and my mouth- and frankly, I’m convinced that the only reason I didn’t take my very first trip to jail was due to the efforts of the Barrelassin’ girl with me who, repeatedly took my hand, and told me to let it go- all while making it perfectly clear that she had my back, so if my mouth won over, I at least knew I wasn’t knee deep in it alone. Although, we were not alone; both of our husbands were with us and neither of them had any problem hearing the music over our story, because they had no idea what was even going on. It wasn’t until I told my husband what the issue was that he looked around, his eyes searching for the man with questionable behavior and so calmly stated, “that man? Cause I’ll kick his ass.” My husband, fully aware that if I really wanted that man’s ass kicked, I would likely already be in a full-blown brawl made his position clear with just a look that says, “my position is ALWAYS… that I will kick your ass if you dis-respect my wife in any way, she can talk as much as she wants…like literally, she will only be quiet when she chooses and that’s only when she’s debating what she wants to tell you next, and you’re actually the winner here- unless she actually does want me to kick your ass, and in that case- I’m glad to do it, because I’m harboring a lot of frustration right now. Have I made myself clear?”

This concludes the history of my history with ‘The History of The Eagles Tour:2013’ and they were fabulous! Definitely check it out if you can.

Enjoy, Barrelassers 🙂


Catching up on my ‘bethenny’ before I go watch my Barrelassin’ son play some football! By the way, can I just say first that it makes me a little crazy to type “bethenny” without a capital B. I’ve struggled with it more than once and usually go with the capital B to keep my head from exploding. That being said- I’m working on the lowercase b since that’s the way it’s written in the title of the show.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, a lady on the show during the Frankel-y speaking segment of the show was talking about her clip on ponytail coming off in a guys hands while dancing at the club, and it reminded me of a situation I had with my Barrelassin’ sister and my Barrelassin’ bestie!

Let me set the scene for you- my sister was supposed to be driving from Tennessee to New York to visit her then boyfriend. She packed up her bags and headed down the road. An unfortunate sequence of events lead her to throw her hands up and give up on her trip before she even got out of the county. I suppose now I should be calling it fortunate, because it turned into a really good time for us.

I think my Barrelassin’ Momma was already irritated that my sister was going to drive that far away from home by herself and had already let her have a good piece of her mind before she left, I think she was irritated by leaving later than she had originally planned, and then to beat it all- she was within miles of the interstate when a dump truck drove by her and flung a rock into her windshield, cracking it in the corner. This sent my sister into a whirl. She called me at work crying, because her entire day was essentially going to hell. She was talking so fast and going off, which was completely  unlike her. She exclaimed, “To hell with this! I’m not going now! I don’t even wanna drive that far anymore, but I’m by-hell going somewhere. I have time off work and I’m getting the hell out  of this town!” I listened to her rant and then introduced a solution. “Sooooo, why not wait until me and Barrelassin’ Amy get finished working, which won’t be long, and let’s drive to Nashville, TN. It’s only a few hours from home, it’s an hour earlier there and….the bars are open until three a.m.” She was immediately in!

Somehow, Barrelassin’ Amy and me ended up throwing back a few before time to leave and now Barrelassin’ sister was driving us to Nashville. We checked into out hotel, changed clothes, grabbed a cab and hit the town wide open! On our first stop, we were sitting at a table drinking, laughing,and listening to the music. We weren’t in a place with an actual dance floor but there was a cute, older couple dancing in front of our table. He was holding her, swaying her around- we were thinking what a cute couple.

It was around that time that the man decided to give this lady a whirl and “dip” her. In my mind, this all seemed to happen in slow motion- as did the beer that sprayed out of my mouth once I saw this lady get dipped by this man, facing directly toward us and making eye contact while giving us a huge smile, have her wig fall off of her head and onto the floor. Our first reaction was laughter, but in a situation like that- you have to collect your thoughts and remind yourself that this woman has to wear a wig. We instantly felt sorry for her, after all, she probably has cancer and she and her husband are having a wonderful time twirling around the place.

It wasn’t long before we wondered where in the hell her husband went and how she ended up sitting at our table. After we helped her make sure her wig was on straight and not to worry, people probably never even noticed, one of us asked her where her why her husband was hanging out with the rest of the bar and not sitting with her. It was then that she explained to us that he wasn’t her husband, she didn’t even know that man and he had pretty much made his last appearance when her wig hit the floor. She then proceeded to inform us, without any prodding from us, that she doesn’t have cancer or anything- she just likes to get gussied up on the weekends with her wig and lipstick and hit the town. And then, and only then,were we allowed to laugh uncontrollably. Here we were feeling terrible for this woman, having cancer and her husband now ignoring her and now the joke was on us.

If you’ve never been to Nashville, Tn and saw a wig fall off a woman’s head while being slung around dancing- I strongly suggest you try it. I’m sure it happens all the time. I see something equally as funny every time I go!

Enjoy, Barrelassers 🙂