Ya know what they say…”careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.
Well, unless you know who “they” are, and you think they’re doling out mind-blowing advice on the regular, I’m telling you, you don’t have to listen to them.
I’d like to say I dream as big as the sky, but the truth is, my dreams don’t stop at the sky.

Wanna meet a Rockstar? Go to the show. Wanna be a Rockstar? You better start singing or playing something other than your favorite air guitar. Those are certainly not  guarantees that either of those things will happen for you, but even I’m smart enough to know that it’s 100% not going to happen if you’re sitting on your couch when the bus leaves the station. That’s a figure of speech. This has nothing to do with buses at all.

I did not meet Eddie Van Halen OR Sammy Hagar, two of my bucket list dreams, by pure chance. All the stars had to align perfectly, and someone had to start lining them up in that order. That someone was me.
And, as long as the stars don’t literally fall from the sky before Monday, October, 15, 2018, I’ll get to check Bethenny Frankel off that same bucket list. Not because she knows I’m a big fan and has decided to get in her Skinnygirl Bronco and head over here for margaritas, but because I’m gonna hop my happy ass in my car and drive the four hours to the next Skinnygirl Jeans launch. Bingo! It’s the little details.
Every dream needs a director. Who’s directing yours?
Enjoy, Barrelassers

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Great Balls of Fire!🔥


erry Lee Lewis! Live in concert! December 10, 2018, Nashville, TN.
My little (Barrelassin’) momma has had me all over his appearance schedule for a few years now and unfortunately for her I could never find a date or event that worked for us. Also unfortunately for her, I started slacking a little on the hunt, but she didn’t let that deter her. She actually found this one on her own! Not only does the date work, but it’s only a three-hour drive from home.
She’s brought it up to us several times and has waited patiently for us to make some sort of move in her favor. Today, we finally had to pull the trigger and get her tickets for Christmas and go ahead and let her know before she ended up getting them herself.

Pictured is an old photo from back in the day when she was able to meet him. How did she manage that? you wonder. She simply walked to his dressing room door, knocked on it and asked for a photo. She’s definitely where I get my “great balls of fire” from!
Remember, if you never ask, the answer is always no.




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