I had the pleasure of hitting the road 2 years ago on this day to see Van Halen in Charlotte, NC. I never pass up an opportunity to take Barrelassin’ Momma with me when I can, and she was available. She’s a hoot! I really have enjoyed this venue several times. It’s the PNC Music Pavilion and it’s a few hours from home. They have some of the cleanest restrooms for an outdoor venue I’ve ever come across and the lines are super fast! None of that worrying about missing the show or having to use the Port-a potty. Really nice staff as well. Very organized place.

The sound is great, but what can I say- when you’re seeing people like Van Halen and all the others I’ve seen there, the sound you hear is going to be nothing short of something amazing. I was able to upgrade my seats at the last minute seats that became available for this particular show and we couldn’t have been happier. My little Momma is happy to join me as my Rock ‘N Roll sidekick, and together we’ve piled up and driven to many places and even hopped on and flown to a few just to have some fun. That’s not bad for a woman who just turned 75 years young.

I love all forms of Van Halen and all forms of Sammy Hagar- so I’m not interested in that debate. You can give me any one of those talented bunch of guys, together or separate, playing a huge show or playing in the damn circus for all I care, as long as they keep playing for me, I’m a happy gal! Next up- Sammy Hagar, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino, Asheville, NC. I can’t wait for the Red Rocker! (I tried to get those Cabo tickets but it’s not in the stars for me this time. One day.

Enjoy, Barrelassers 😉

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WHO GETS THE BEST VALENTINES DAY HUSBAND AWARD EVER? I think mine! For driving 7 hours, a day early on the chance that I could see Eddie Van Halen get out of a car or something. Guess he was as surprised as I was!!!

Okay- full story. My phone blew up and I tried my best to document every moment for myself on that darned phone! I Found out Eddie Van Halen was going to be speaking to a limited number of people at The National Museum of American History in DC on Feb. 12-2015. My Barrelassin’ son, Timmy, is at Tech School an hour away from here so I planned our weekend visit one day early so we could at least go to the museum on the same day as Eddie. Reservations were free, but were gone in 3 minutes. Who cares? I can try it. I was wait listed. And I wait listed Jay and all my friends, mom and sister, too, just in case. Barrelassin’ Jay said I was crazy. He’s right, I am.

We went to the museum and were told there was no need for me to wait, there was no way anyone wait listed would be let in. I hatched a plan. I told Jay we’d still stay at the museum, like we planned to do anyway, and when they were about to close at 5:30 (he was speaking at 6:30) we’d go hang around the area until they made us leave, hoping to catch a glimpse of him coming or going. Even people with reservations only had a reservation to stand in line- no seat guarantees. So we were hanging out on a bench pretending we belonged there since it was after 5:30 and nobody had kicked us out yet. I guess they weren’t making anyone leave anyway. Some guy comes walking by to the restroom. He asks if we’re going in. I explain we’re wait listed and were not likely to get in. He reaches in his inside coat pocket and hands me his guest pass. He had reservations and it was extra guest pass. I KNOW!!! RIGHT?! He said he only had one, but we could have it. Naturally Jay was gonna stay outside so I would have hope of seeing Ed, my lifelong hero. But I told him to stand in line with me. They came down the line with the opened seat wrists bands and I explained to such a nice lady that I had a guest pass, but my husband was wait listed. She said he was the only one inside the building on the wait list. About 10 people ahead of us they stopped the line and apologized to everyone because they were full. She explained that we were all welcome to hang out and attend the ceremony afterwards and have a drink and food and meet Ed. I nearly died lol. She says they’ll bring special armbands out to us.
All of a sudden they come back and start giving armbands and letting a few more in at a time. We get to the NICE lady and I ask about Jay again, she says “I think we’re just gonna go ahead and let everyone else in.” (The 4 people behind us were staff and 2 of them had already let us in front of them for no reason.) They check my “friend’s name” who gave me the guest pass and I’m good to go. One lady says I can go but Jay has to stay out. NICE lady says we’re letting him in. They get into an argument in front of us. NICE lady is shoving us saying “just go on.” Other lady is saying “we’re not letting wait listed in!!” NICE lady says to her “SO AND SO IS HOUSE! AND HE’S GOING IN!!” (Not revealing her name.) Thank Heavens for whoever SO AND SO is!
 We go in and are told to find a place on the wall, but if someone yells fire, we should run, because there’s a few extra people in there. So on the wall, we have an even better spot. Eddie is interviewed on the stage- Alex Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen are sitting there watching. AMAZING! They’re (the staff) all like, hang out after and have a drink and some food, Ed will be out there, too. So now all of a sudden we have free beer and wine and food.WHAT?!?! We walk out and get right in line cause we need a beer and are waiting for Ed to appear somewhere. People in line start showing up with beer. Turns out the beer is on the other side. So I ask, “what is this for then?” Oh, this is the line if you want to meet Eddie and have a photo made with him, I’m told. Oh, how silly of me. I’ll stay in this line. So we take turns getting beer and staying in line. Which moved pretty quickly. I was all laughs with everyone and super strong girl- until that lady said, “your turn” and he waited for me to walk over and I started crying. I tried so hard not to. The moment I started walking toward him, I was overcome with my emotions. You need to remember, this has literally been my dream for more than 30 years!! Do you have any idea how many people I have written to since I was a 10 year old girl trying to meet Eddie Van Halen lol?  He pet me for a second, said “awww, don’t cry.” He was SO KIND and patient while we tried to wait for me to gather myself just a little so we could take the picture. Then he told me to smile. I told him I was trying to, but I had basically waited my whole life for this. He smiled and it was a comfort to me. Then Jay got his made. Someone tried to make me move on while I waited for Jay and my phone and wiped my eyes. The bodyguard said “She’s okay with me.” heart emoticon
Then, we freaked out and froze our butts off and couldn’t move our fingers by the time we walked/ran to the metro station and found our way back to our hotel shuttle. We hadn’t eaten since 6:30 a.m. so we ate- and now I’m going to bed. Best Valentine’s Day early start weekend EVER! As I ran across the busy street on the phone, I told my bff on the phone as I ran across the street- “If I die in this crosswalk, it’s because I posted earlier that life is complete and I’m jinxed. The truth is, I told my husband, I went to bed that night feeling so at peace. Like, it had been my biggest dream in the works for over 30 years. Now what? Nothing. And that’s fine. I mean, I have things I want to do and places I want to go, but that was literally my biggest dream. And now I’ve done it. I honestly feel relieved that it finally happened. Obviously I would love to do it again, and probably say something more meaningful than “I’ve waited my whole life for this” and “I’ve got a Van Halen tattoo” to him- but it’s finally complete. I can’t think of  anything else that I can dream bigger at this point. I felt so honored to be in the same room with the Van Halen brothers and Ed’s son, Wolf, other than in the concert halls, obviously.
 Enjoy, Barrelassers  😉


In honor of my fortieth birthday, I’m making a list of forty facts that I’m fine with. Let’s see how this goes down.

1) I can bounce a quarter off my butt, and I just know it’s not bouncing the way it’s supposed to. Fine with it. I still don’t even know why that’s important. I can bounce a quarter off of any surface. I assure you it’s not a special butt. Try it.
2) Not everyone finds me amusing. It’s totally fine. 
3) Only one person has me in their Google Circles. It’s Bret Michaels- I’m more than fine with that. In fact, I like saying it.
4) I’ve had a headache for as long as I can remember due to my deviated Septum. It’s okay. I would rather have a headache for forty years, than have gauze stuck up my nose for five days after the surgery to repair it. I would totally freak out!
5) My house is almost never spotless. That’s cool with me. I would have to work very hard to make that happen and I’d much rather be making a mess.
6) I’ve had one strand of Christmas lights on my porch for more than a year. They’ve seen two Christmases, and I really don’t care. 
7) I’m not rich. I’m fine with it for now, but seriously, it’s time to get that mess under control. 
8) I just got judged for wanting to be rich- doesn’t bother me in the least. Judge away. I like lots of different things, and the only way I know to get them legally is money. I have things to do, therefore, I’m gonna need to be rich. 
9) I have this one little scar above my right eye. It doesn’t bother me. It reminds of me of a really fun time.
10) The garbage truck doesn’t come by my house. Whatever. It’s a small sacrifice to make for having  garbage.
11) There’s weapons and musical instruments sitting all over in random places throughout my house. I don’t really know where they go, so I’m okay with moving them over if I need to sit down.
12) There’s crutches behind my bedroom door. They’ve been there for about five years. Nobody in my house is on crutches. Oh well, they’re not bothering me.
13) My mom got the good eyelashes. They skipped me and my little sister and daughter got them instead. It’s all good. I just glue some on when I want them.
14) I just used my birthday and guilt tripped my daughter in to rubbing my back. I’m fine with it. She tried to bribe me first with a birthday present  if I would take her shopping. That’s just how we roll. 
15) I usually pick out my own Christmas and birthday presents. Doesn’t bother me, I don’t have to pretend I like what I get.
16) Four people follow my blog, but hundreds read it. Followers mean absolutely nothing in the world of blogging. It’s the traffic that keeps coming back that’s most important. And people never comment on it publicly, only email or message me. I wouldn’t comment on some of the things I come up with, either. 😉
17) I sound like a dying sheep when I sing. I’m cool with that. I don’t sing for a living.
18) I’ve done some really stupid things in my life. Fine with that, too. Most of them were really fun, and they’ve made me who I am today, and I happen to like me a lot. 
19) I don’t have actual neighbors. I did that on purpose.
20) My husband thinks Jennifer Aniston is hot. I couldn’t care less. As long as he’s team Jenn and not team Angelina/Brad, I’m happy.
21) My oldest son had absolutely no interest in college. He tried to give it a whirl twice- for about a week each time- I’m not bothered by this, I had no interest in the First grade, I know where he’s coming from.
22) I didn’t go to college. It wasn’t in the cards for me. Rummy, Knock, and Bullshit, (all card games) were in the cards for me. I still have time to go if I want to.
23) My teenage daughter can be a real piece of work sometimes. I just let it go, I was a real piece of work when I was her age, too. Besides, I’ve already put the same curse on her that my mother put on me, and wished her a daughter that acts just like her someday. She’s living proof that the curse works.
24) Everyone in my house wrestles, uses choke holds, kicks and practices new moves on one another- I just step over or around them and try keep it moving.
25) People tease me about talking a lot. I laugh with them. Plus I’m obviously keeping their attention.
26) Some people actually don’t pay any attention, and aren’t actually listening to me. I don’t mind that either, because most of the time, I really am just talking to hear myself talk.
27) Eddie Van Halen didn’t wait for me to grow up. Thank goodness or I wouldn’t have met my awesome husband. He can play a guitar and I’ve never had to wait for him to get out of rehab.
28) Some people are Gay. Why should I care? Some people aren’t Gay and nobody is complaining about that.
29) I have a small hole right in the crotch of my favorite pair of shorts. Makes no difference to me. I’m gonna wear those suckers until it offends someone, and even then, I’ll probably still wear them for spite.
30) The strings in celery: Completely fine with it.
31) People ALWAYS mistake me for my younger sister’s mother when we go out shopping together. Not insulted at all. It always gives us a good laugh, and good laughs are hard to come by these days.
32) My sons are hanging out with their friends on my birthday. I’m not even the tiniest bit upset. I’m probably just going to finish reading my book anyway, now I can do it without either of them interrupting me.
33) My husband calls me Lucy because I can be very clumsy. I take it as a compliment,  physical comedy is not easy to pull off.
34) People with a different opinion than me: So?
35) Crying babies in restaurants or stores: They’re just babies, unless I’m hungover.
36) Movies with subtitles: After a minute or two, I don’t even see them.
37) Fat people: don’t care. Not affected one way or the other.
38) Curse words: everyone’s had at least one of those days.
39) Barking dogs: barely even notice them.
40) Backseat drivers: Fine by me. Okay- that’s complete bull. That will drive me crazier than almost anything, and I may actually drive worse just to piss them off.

Happy birthday to me.
Enjoy, Barrelassers 🙂