Great Balls of Fire!🔥


erry Lee Lewis! Live in concert! December 10, 2018, Nashville, TN.
My little (Barrelassin’) momma has had me all over his appearance schedule for a few years now and unfortunately for her I could never find a date or event that worked for us. Also unfortunately for her, I started slacking a little on the hunt, but she didn’t let that deter her. She actually found this one on her own! Not only does the date work, but it’s only a three-hour drive from home.
She’s brought it up to us several times and has waited patiently for us to make some sort of move in her favor. Today, we finally had to pull the trigger and get her tickets for Christmas and go ahead and let her know before she ended up getting them herself.

Pictured is an old photo from back in the day when she was able to meet him. How did she manage that? you wonder. She simply walked to his dressing room door, knocked on it and asked for a photo. She’s definitely where I get my “great balls of fire” from!
Remember, if you never ask, the answer is always no.




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Barrelassin’ around last night sick as a dog with terrible chest congestion, I rushed my husband out of the museum and party thrown for a conference we were attending in Indianapolis, IN. so that I could get back to the hotel, get my meds, lay down on my heating pad and just get some rest. On our way out we ran into a friend we only see at these conferences, who suggested that we walk over to the stadium where U2 was playing and see if they have any tickets left. Walk over in my dress and heels, with this chest cold? That was my first thought, but immediately the rock ‘n roll voice that typically lingers in my head quickly spoke up and before I knew it, what I thought and what I said were two totally different things. “Okay- let’s go! I’ll find tickets!”
I hit a couple of apps on my phone which both had no available tickets. The show had already started and we thought it might be possible some scalper would be o the side of the street with some cheap tickets he needed to rid himself of.

In all honesty, I’m the most positive human on the planet and I’m willing to try for what I want, but I have to say- I had every intention of walking over there (wheezing the whole way), seeing we couldn’t get in and then just catching an Uber to my hotel so I could go to bed. I had absolutely zero confidence of randomly getting into a U2 concert at the last minute. I’ve “randomly” and not so randomly stumbled myself right upon some great opportunities in my 43 years on Earth, and almost none of them have ever just happened without some sort of pre-planning on my part and just having a dream or a wish that I was willing to try for. But there’s only so much goodness to go around for me, right?

Upon reaching the ticket scanners we explained we were trying to get to the box office to see if there were any tickets left. I mean, it’s U2- of course there are no tickets left, but anyway. The box office was closed and we were told the only way to get tickets was to get them “at that tent.” Then they asked if we had the card we purchased out tickets with on us. “Oh, um, we don’t have tickets” we answered. “You don’t even have tickets?” they asked trying not to laugh at us. That’s when it hit me. “Who’s in that tent, anyway with those tickets you spoke about?” They explained that the tent was for people who had purchased the General Admission floor tickets, and that’s where they had to go to pick up their armbands. I asked if they could sell us tickets there and they told us no, but she also said if we got tickets from there, she’d be more than happy to scan us in.

I took that as a personal challenge, I guess. We went to the tent. They appeared to have armbands but no other customers around. That tells me that there’s available space for my body in there- as long as I can get one of those armbands around my wrist. They explained why they couldn’t sell us a ticket. We explained that the box office was closed, and the other employees told us if we could get them to sell us a ticket, they’d scan us and let us in. They suddenly wanted to ask their supervisor. Along he comes and unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do. We asked how we could get tickets online. Not possible, they told us. We kept explaining as one lady piped up and said she needed to ask Rob. I don’t know who Rob is but, we cheered for her to ask Rob! I made jokes and shook my shoulders as if I were in a seventies movie. We all laughed and had a great time waiting for Rob to appear to hear our terrible predicament. Rob can’t do anything either. But somewhere along the way he decided he wants to have a “pow-wow” with the supervisor and they walked off whispering to one another.

Suddenly, they re-appear and now 3 employees are placing armbands on each of us. I asked them what we do and where we go with these miraculous armbands we were just gifted like golden tickets from the sky. Seriously- I think I saw a golden spotlight from the sky shine down upon us and as we were banded ;). “you just walk in and onto the floor” was their answer. We thanked them profusely and started to run away back to the original scanners. “No, this way. Right through here and straight to the floor” they said. Are you freaking kidding me??!!
The show was amazing! The lights were amazing. The playing and singing were both amazing. The screen was amazing. The people were amazing. The atmosphere was amazing. The air was amazing. I don’t know what else to say, or how to describe the show. It was on my bucket-list and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this one would be checked off; wait, I lie-  I think in my wildest dreams I thought I might see them someday, but never did I think I’d see U2 anywhere other than the very top of a stadium somewhere, and I sure as hell never imagine I’d ask to be let in and I’d just be let in for free. Keep in mind- we weren’t asking for free stuff. We tried to buy tickets.
But as I always like to say, “If you never bother to ask- the answer will always be no.”
Because every once in a while, you’ll find out there are still kind people in the world. With one swoop, one man made the decision that even though they had already told us no- to do it anyway. One small act of kindness made three people very, very happy people. None of us, Barrelassin’ Jay, nor our friend or me, had ever seen U2 but had always wanted to. It’s the little things. If you can do something for someone, do it.

Enjoy, Barrelassers 😉


I had the pleasure of hitting the road 2 years ago on this day to see Van Halen in Charlotte, NC. I never pass up an opportunity to take Barrelassin’ Momma with me when I can, and she was available. She’s a hoot! I really have enjoyed this venue several times. It’s the PNC Music Pavilion and it’s a few hours from home. They have some of the cleanest restrooms for an outdoor venue I’ve ever come across and the lines are super fast! None of that worrying about missing the show or having to use the Port-a potty. Really nice staff as well. Very organized place.

The sound is great, but what can I say- when you’re seeing people like Van Halen and all the others I’ve seen there, the sound you hear is going to be nothing short of something amazing. I was able to upgrade my seats at the last minute seats that became available for this particular show and we couldn’t have been happier. My little Momma is happy to join me as my Rock ‘N Roll sidekick, and together we’ve piled up and driven to many places and even hopped on and flown to a few just to have some fun. That’s not bad for a woman who just turned 75 years young.

I love all forms of Van Halen and all forms of Sammy Hagar- so I’m not interested in that debate. You can give me any one of those talented bunch of guys, together or separate, playing a huge show or playing in the damn circus for all I care, as long as they keep playing for me, I’m a happy gal! Next up- Sammy Hagar, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino, Asheville, NC. I can’t wait for the Red Rocker! (I tried to get those Cabo tickets but it’s not in the stars for me this time. One day.

Enjoy, Barrelassers 😉

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I call my husband, Jay and me: Ricky and Lucy. Essentially because he calls me a Lucy and that makes him Ricky by default.
At some point earlier in the year I made the decision that we would take ourselves on a concert tour. Now, Ricky’s a great guitar player and all but me, I’m no singer. My claim to music fame is playing a mean air guitar and I do it proudly, and typically while wearing a fantastic pair of beer goggles. So, this tour would have to include performances by other bands and we’d stick to being fans.
Fortunately, we didn’t have to purchase all of the tickets. Sure, we bought some of them, and sure it costs money to travel, but we hit a few strokes of luck and also with proper planning it worked out quite well .
We bought the cheapest Gun N Roses/Chris Stapleton  tickets we could get for Nashville, TN., which is about 3.5 hrs away from where we live. We had enough Hilton points for a free room a bit far away from the show itself, but we used Uber and paid quite a bit for it due to surge charges at a peak time. However, the room was free and once we got to the very top of the stadium, we were given tickets ( if we wanted them) to go all the way back down to the lower section on the side. It was a side view and wasn’t a fantastic view of everyone on the stage, but it was a much better view than what I started off with! Fantastic show by the way!!
It just so happened that Ticketmaster settled a thirteen year lawsuit with fans over extra fees when purchasing tickets. Seriously, sign into your Ticketmaster accounts and see if you have any free codes. I had two free codes. Each code is good for two lawn seat tickets at one of their many LiveNation owned pavilions.
Not only did I have two codes but, one of my sisters had eighteen codes and gave me four of hers. I decided to share in the wealth. I chose the shows we wanted and got at least one more set of tickets to each show. I went into my Facebook and invited anyone who was willing to split a room and gas to the location of the show and I’d give them tickets. Friends of course, not complete strangers.
We went as far as Bristow, VA., seven hrs from home to see Def Leppard/REO Speedwagon. Ricky had a meeting and had to cancel on this one so it turned into a big girl’s trip. We had a blast! Another great show.
Ten days later, Ricky and I made that same trip to see Black Sabbath:The End tour. Another amazing show!!
The next week we headed off to Charlotte, NC., three hours from home to see Rick Springfield/Night Ranger/ The Romantics. This time we took advantage of staying with Ricky’s brother and family, who not only lives thirty minutes from the venue, but also dropped us off and we only had to Uber back late that night. This was another show where we found ourselves a spot on the back of the lawn when this time, the radio station approached us with two free upgraded tickets to a real seats about fifteen rows back. We’re  two for two on the seat upgrades! This time we shared an Uber with someone who split the cost of the ride.
Now, long before the free tickets came along, we purchased tickets for that same Charlotte location  to see Heart/Joan Jett/Cheap Trick. We invited friends, we bought lawn seats in a four pack (did you know you could do that?), and therefore we got a discount and each ticket ended up being $11.25.
When the free tickets came along, more friends got tickets to the same show and we reserved a two bedroom, two bathroom room at Homewood Suites minutes from the show. We now had nine people splitting the cost of a room that had four double beds and a sleeper sofa. But guess what? The hotel overbooked and our room was no longer available when we arrived. Now they had a room with one King bed and two doubles, so they provided that of course, and at no extra charge to us, they gave us the connecting suite with another King bedroom, kitchen, living area with sleeper sofa.We now had three bedroom, two living areas with two sleeper sofas, two kitchens, and three bathrooms. I’d say that worked out very well in our favor!
In between our tour shows, my mother, sister, teenage daughter, and myself had been holding onto Maroon 5 tickets that we had purchased last Christmas as a gift to ourselves. We held onto them for about ten months and finally it was showtime. Again, great shows all around. Ricky skipped this one as well.
He also skipped the last minute Bret Michaels concert that was nearby and Momma and me took advantage of that one. Momma is seventy-four years old and she loves his show. She fell in love with him after watching him on The Apprentice lol. Even though we already have tickets to see him in November at the Casino about an hour away, we saw this one as well.
Our free tickets ended with the Heart show back in Charlotte, but our upcoming Bret show is a birthday present for my bff and if you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re all splitting the cost of the room. Approximately  $34 each. I can dig it!
Ricky ended the Summer tour with a minor, outpatient surgery yesterday to have a Lipoma removed from his back. As you can see in the photos, he made even that fun!
If you’re not super picky you can definitely see what you want and go where you want to go on a budget.
I hope you’ve enjoyed our tour story as much as we’ve enjoyed living it 😊 😎🤘🎸🎤🎙🎶. Rock on!
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It wasn’t too awful long ago that my Barrelassin’ Momma was doing this cute little jig at a Bret Michaels concert in Kodak, TN.

Who says your momma don’t dance?! My little momma is 74 years old, as I frequently have to remind people, and she sure dances! So much so that in fact, she’ll be dancing a jig at his upcoming show in Knoxville, TN. at Cotton Eyed Joes on Friday, September 30, 2016, and then again when he performs at Harrah’s  Cherokee Casino, November 19th, 2016.

This will be her second time seeing him perform at the Joe, however, in the past she has made me drive her as far as six hours to see him.

And that, my friends, is why we’re called Barrelassers!

Enjoy 😊


You can never make too many memories, especially with your 74 year old mother.

In one week my barrelassin’ momma has joined me for two more concerts. One being Maroon 5, because she likes that “Adam guy with those tattoos up and down him”, her exact words; and the other being the Heart, Joan Jett, Cheap Trick concert, for which we had to take a little road trip for.

She loves live music and she loves traveling so there’s no doubt  I get it from her. She’s great company and we enjoy every second of our rock n roll road trips together.

If you and your 74 year old mother have never embarked on a rock n roll road trip together, I suggest you get right on that! You, my friend, are missing out.


They say just before you die, you experience pain. Your head may hurt periodically- you may feel nauseated from something you ate the night before and you may experience some pain in your middle toe. In fact, you may have random aches and pains all over your body- your neck, your shoulders, your knees- just to name a few and you have the lyrics ,” there’s one in every crowd, that brings the party in us out- Good Time Charlie, with a Harley, whisky bent and hell bound…” stuck in your head. Oh wait, they don’t say that- that’s not it at all. That’s what I feel like with very little sleep on  the day after me and my Barrelassin’ Momma spend the evening in a crowded bar, dancing around and cheering along to a Montgomery Gentry concert!

I must have been confused for a moment. I’m suffering from, “I’m not a teenager anymore and I have to be on a football field in a dress this evening for my Barrelassin’ son’s Senior Night and Homecoming at the high school- and I should’nt stay out until 3 a.m.” syndrome. I probably could’ve skipped the cowboy boots, but then it just would’ve ruined the outfit. The fact is, there is one in every crowd- and it is usually me. But boy did we ever have fun!

Barrelassin’ Mickey with Barrelassin’ Momma!

Barrelassin’ with Eddie Montgomery!

Barrelassin’ with Brent Cobb!

We did stay out a little too late- we do know better, but we got to meet Eddie Montgomery, Brent Cobb and some really nice people on their staff. Thanks for the fun, but it’s back to being Mommy and its time to go. I’m gone!
Enjoy, Barrelassers 🙂