MOB DAY IN VEGAS? YES, PLEASE! I gotta tell ya, when we go on vacation we really go hard. We had five days to spend in Las Vegas and we were not about to miss certain places, and the Mob Museum was one of those places. It’s very interesting with lots of information. I won’t bother posting all the pics of the exhibits, but you can look it up and check it out yourself next time you’re in Sin City!


In case any of you ever thought I’m not one of those people who’d chase a Squirrel just because it ran by during a conversation, let me enlighten you. I’m laying here this fine Monday morning reading tons of reviews for a scarf/valance window treatment that I have absolutely no intention of purchasing, nor was I looking for any type of new curtain. But the ad showed up while scrolling through here and it was kind of pretty so…here I am. Deep in a rabbit hole. People here seem to really like this valance/scarf. Maybe I should paint again. Wait, what was I saying?


Ramblings of Lucy. You can keep going if you wish😉.
Remember the other day when I got trapped in the comments of strangers’ on a JCP ad that I happened to scroll by about a curtain that I wasn’t even looking to buy? First of all let me just say, I don’t even typically read through the comments of something I’ve actually commented on unless it’s my post, I’m tagged and someone is specifically speaking to me, or they reply specifically to me, or I just happen to see it; but here I am AGAIN, reading comments by complete strangers on a subject even MORE boring than curtains, and that’s billboards 😂.
Not even a certain billboard that says something funny or a debate about them. It was about billboards in general, online vs physical, and I was just curious about what people thought about it.
But why? Turns out they didn’t have any opinions. I guess I’m just curious by nature; and on another note, I haven’t forgotten about that dang curtain! I am not in the market for a curtain! But every time I walk by a window here, I think how good that curtain would look there. I hope I don’t suddenly try to buy a billboard for absolutely no reason now 🤦‍♀️.
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Just a short two, maybe two and a half hour drive from Las Vegas, NV. I highly recommend dedicating a day trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim if you’re that close.

More than that, if the weather permits I’d highly recommend making the drive in a convertible. We didn’t even know we wanted a convertible until we went to pick up our rental van and it wasn’t ready. They asked us if we’d be willing to take the new Mustang convertible. Let me think about that for one second…I’m kidding. I didn’t have to think about that at all. It was July and the weather was beautiful. I couldn’t think of a better way to drive to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas through the beautiful scenery!
This was mine and my husband’s first trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. My little momma had driven across the country twice many, many years ago, before I was born and taken in all the sites along the way.

The Hualapai Ranch is an Indian Reservation on the West Rim of the canyon. Everything is made up to look like an old western town. This is also where the famous skywalk is. We didn’t do the skywalk- it does cost extra money on top of the small fee to enter the ranch, but there’s also a barbeque restaurant, activities for kids, and a public restroom.

You can ride the shuttle from point to point (included in the cost) to see the different views.

Enjoy, Barrelassers 😉













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 Gas station cookies???
I don’t know how Weigle’s has managed to trap someone’s grandmother and her secret  chocolate chip cookie recipe in a kitchen somewhere, but I hope they never let her go. My son began bringing these home a few months ago and they’re addictive! This is the best cookie I’ve ever had; hands down; and I’ve had a lot of cookies! I’d ask them for the recipe but I don’t think I’d do it any justice.
 Last week…
 “The more I make it pose for this photo, the weaker I get!
I typically know who my friends are, but I can’t decide if my son is for or against me at this point. But what I do know is that I’m feeling particularly weak. I said, “no”, but he tossed it to me. I counted calories all day and exercised. Good thing! Nom nom, SO many nom noms right now!”


Who ziplines in a dress and high heels over Fremont Street in Las Vegas? Lucy does, that’s who.
 I didn’t plan it that way, but most of the things I do don’t usually go as planned 😉 Special thanks to “Zilla” for all the great pics they took of us. Yes, we paid for them.



Next stop: tonight we’re barrelassin’ down memory lane to see Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re smack dab in the middle of the Urban Cowboy movie? 


“My book…where we end sentences with Prepositions if want to and don’t include the pictures with the stories because it requires more time and effort.” – Mickey Bryan

Y’all think I’m kidding when I tell the story about dressing up like eleven-year old hookers to crash a Church Halloween party, don’t you? Here’s your proof!
Enjoy the book, Barrelassers 😉 (Link below).