Bravocon 2019

You’d think I’d have found plenty of time by now to add all of my Bravocon 2019 photos, but let’s be honest…I still haven’t added my Anniversary trip in Ireland from around this time last year.

This, is the goal I should be setting for myself rather than counting my calories between wine and food.

We all know I’m gonna choose the wine, and then later, after I’ve finished the wine, I’m gonna be like, “Omg! Food is so good! I’m gonna eat ALL the food with a shovel!”

I’ll start with this little Bravocon photo and consider it a step in the right direction.

Lucy πŸ’‹

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Last year, visiting and paying respects to @nataliewood ‘s grave, the actress for whom I was named after. My mother hadn’t chosen a girl’s name yet, and liked Natalie Wood, and was watching a Natalie Wood movie while in labor. Ironically enough, 2 months after my birth the same year, unknowingly to my mother, (No Google in 1974 πŸ€ͺ), Natalie had a daughter that she named Courtney. ❀ Twelve years later, my mother had another daughter and named her Courtney, after my grandmother’s maiden name.
πŸŽ„ Natalie has another daughter whose name is Natasha, which is a name derived from the Latin name Natalia, meaning Christmas Day. Oddly enough, I’m obsessed with all things Christmas ❀
Natalie Wood Wagner

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Extra! Extra!

Have you ever gone through old social media albums that you created years ago, and then what you found was albums full of photos that you had taken years before social media was even a thing? Of course those albums are full of photos you uploaded by the ton to create something for all of your new and old friends to look at. In case they hadn’t seen you in years, or had possibly never even met you- they’d know what you’d been up to all this time. Essentially, filling in the gaps, I guess you could say.
That’s what I did earlier this evening before the date changed at midnight and now here I am.
My husband and I have been together for sixteen years and married for almost ten. These pictures would have you believe we’ve been together since the 1800s and had raised a large family out on the prairie.
I intend to save future generations of DNA hunters and family tree connectors a lot of trouble right here and now. These photos are from the early 2000s, Jay; I like to call him the Ricky to my Lucy, which neither of us are named but you’ll almost always see us referred to as those names, was not a stepfather to these three beautiful children yet, and we didn’t even live together in the same house when we were out pretending to be a family on the prairie. My mother and sister, both pictured weren’t his sister-in-law and mother-in-law yet- and I wasn’t his wife. We most certainly did not dress like this, although the kids look super cute.
Nope. Not even the hairstyles. This here is an old album of photos from when we were background extras in The Work and the Glory trilogy. We filmed in all three movies and had a great time. So many laughs were had on the set of this movie for several months.
Jay, who is a musician at home but not a fiddler player, was a fiddle player in some scenes, and I was faux manhandled and thrown out into the fake freezing snow by a really funny and nice guy, who played a bad man. The children ran in circles, tried to eat chicken that had sat out all day, chased one another when they were supposed to but screamed out loud when they were supposed to move their lips without making actual sounds.
It was blazing hot and we were dressed for a blizzard. We spent hours in mud up to our knees once or twice waiting out thunderstorms but we had a ton of fun with everyone working on this film.
We’ve filmed on several movie and television sets over the years, but this was in the earlier days. Not as early as it looks, future generations, but earlier than 2019.

Enjoy, Barrelassers πŸ˜‰



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Christmas- It’s Not Over ’til It’s Over

It’s January 14, 2019-technically the 15th because it’s after midnight, but anyhoo…I can’t decide if I’ve truly lost the family vote, or actually won it. They said I can’t leave the trees up all year long so that I don’t have to redo it all again in December, but here I am, and it’s all still there. So…who’s the real loser? I asked their opinion and they gave it to me- but clearly I don’t listen very well. I’ve got the videos and photos to prove it.
I had a great time decorating this Christmas, except for that part where I get in the attic each year and then I have to go to bed with an allergy attack for a week afterwards. That’s fun, right? The way I see it I could leave it here and it can stay pretty all year, and I don’t have to go near the attic ever again! Yes, I have a wonderful husband who helps me very much. He goes to the attic and searches for everything I tell him to grab for me; but then I don’t believe him, I don’t believe that’s everything; I don’t believe he looked as hard as he could; I don’t believe he doesn’t see anything I couldn’t live without or can’t remember I own, so after much back and forth I say I’m gonna climb the ladder to musty smell hell and swear I’ll only stay one minute before running away. I lie.
Once my eyes see all the boxes I start digging. Next thing ya know, it’s all in the middle of the floor and I can’t breathe. What the hell is wrong with me?!
My daughter says I have OCD-Obsessive Christmas Decorating. I can’t argue her point. But I haven’t reached total Clark Griswold yet-although it is my goal.
Am I the only one who still has Christmas dΓ©cor around the house? Am I the only person on earth who wants to leave it? Is this normal lol? I think I know the answer to the “normal” part, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a bottle of Tequila Silver to help me make the final decision and get my a$$ in gear.
I’ll show her OCD- in rare form πŸ˜‰

Enjoy, Barrelassers!


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Turning 40 (Again)

THE MORNING AFTER! Who needs an Elf on the shelf when you have your very own fondant mini me? Now, none of this actually happened to the life size versions of us, I actually felt great today, but it was so much fun running around, creating these scenes with our “little selves” from our cake.
1) Hanging over the trashcan. 2) Hanging over the toilet. 3)Working out, lifting weights. 4)The birthday girls are resting tonight after a long night of partying.




It’s almost that time of year again-time for me to turn 40. Except this time, I’m gonna turn 45! Close your mouth- I feel the same way. I’m trying to not get all worked up over it, so going through the memories of my party with my bffs 5 years ago as we celebrated 40 together, with all of our friends and family, is either helping or hurting; I can’t decide. It kind of makes me want to throw an emergency guest list together and get excited about a big party to take some of the sting out of it. On the other hand, I kind of want to relax and not do any major planning for a while this early in the year.

I’m the kind of gal who thinks she’s still a kid. Does 45 feel super different than 40? Is it mental, physical, or both? Who out there has the answers? Advice?
More photos from the giant 40th…


Enjoy, Barrelassers! Send your “45” thoughts my way!

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