Nobody in the music industry was more adorable than Cindy Lauper in the eighties! I was a grown woman before I was finally able to see her live. She was pregnant with her son and opening for Tina Turner. How amazeballs is that? Two super women performing at the same show! That reminds me, we got tickets for my Barrelassin mom’s birthday. Several of us were attending the show. We lived about an hour away from the venue. The very moment that I was parking in the garage, my Aunt realized that she had left her ticket at home. So, her son, my cousin, gave her his ticket and literally Barrelassed back to the house and back (getting a speeding ticket on the way back) with the ticket. Fortunately, we had arrived early enough in the first place that the show had just started when he made it to his seat. Now here I am, learning that Cindy is kicking off a 2013 tour. I’m thinking this calls for a Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun Road Trip! Now I just need to get my Barrelassin girls on board and we’ll be good to go. Maybe they’ll read this and take the hint 😉
After all, Time After Time; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun any damn way!

Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂



I can’t count the number of times that me and Barrelassin cousin tried to dress like this. We’d watch this video, sing the song and shimmy our shoulders like Pat. We were young, heartache to heartache we stood. No promises; No demands. Oh who am I kidding? Love was certainly not a battlefield for a couple of nine year olds on a dead end street, with nothing better to do than pretend to be Pat Benatar on a Saturday afternoon. But we sure could sing it while making it seem so dramatic. The fake look of pain on our faces must have been priceless as we shimmied our way onto the battlefield of love (probably the Sesame Street swing set in the backyard.)

If I’m being honest, I still love a good shoulder shimmy.
Love is Battlefield Barrelassers. Enjoy it 🙂


Seriously! Today has been one hell of a Barrelassin day. It started all good. Took my momma to her appointment at The Women’s Center, it went great right up until they called a “code grey” for a tornado and we were all stuck there in the hallway taking cover. I felt perfectly safe, but my Barrelassin kids were scattered around the county with their friends. They were fine, but I was on edge when we were “released”  and free to go leave. I’m trying to get my mom’s car to a garage that is waiting for me before they close so that they can take a look at mom’s window that has now slid down and won’t go back up, in the pouring, tornado rain. My 71 year old mother is now holding plastic over it as we scoot down the road. At a stop light, I check my phone, the light turns green, I don’t step on the gas quick enough for the police officer behind me, he pulls me over (it has stopped raining now), instantly accuses me of texting, I say I’m not, he calls me a liar, he gets really rude and hateful with me, makes me cry, grits his teeth and tells me I’m directing my anger toward the wrong person. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…let me think about this. I’m pretty sure I’m directing my anger in the exact direction, of the very person that is pissing me off. I’m crying because he’s rude, and I’m a baby, but mostly because I can’t control the fact that I know I’m right, he’s wrong, and he has all the authority; there’s nothing I can do but allow him to talk to me this way. Believe me, I know how to act with an officer, I’m no idiot, but he was down right rude to me!! Of course he kept telling me I was arguing with him; it didn’t matter what I said. But I felt he was getting a little too close to my face in the window gritting his teeth, so naturally, I explained to him that I felt like I was being attacked. Not physically, but he wanted to be all “oh now I’m attacking you, huh?” WTF was wrong with this guy? I don’t live in a town where the police act this way toward the citizens. I felt like I was in the big city now! Finally, I cry enough, nearly sending me into a serious panic attack, for real, he gives me some sort of ticket and tells me to just go pay some other amount and not go to court, blah, blah,blah, I leave, the garage is now closed, I meet and get in the car with my husband, in the next town over, fifteen miles away, he double parks in a fire zone to drop some movies off at the Red Box, a cop walks by and is pissed at me, I move the car, but for real, now I’m thinking “did all the cops in the county get their asses chewed today and perhaps they’re directing their anger toward me.?.?.” It could happen. Anyway, the police are watching you and it sure as hell isn’t Sting!! P.S. whatever you do, don’t touch your phone at the light, and even though I wasn’t texting anyone…updating your Facebook status could cost you $103.00 😉 Just sayin’
Yeah, this is definitely not the police who pulled me over today!!

Enjoy Every Breath You Take Barrelassers 🙂


With all the Big Brother in the news lately, I can’t help but think that perhaps Rockwell was on to something long ago. They tried to tell us. I’m willing to bet a lot of people have been singing this song recently. The thing is…I’ve just always assumed they were always watching us anyway, probably thanks to this video. Damn! I probably had years of privacy until now and didn’t even know it! I could’ve picked my nose or scratched my butt anywhere I wanted to without worrying. I wasted it! It’s all cool, though; I’m almost forty; not too many more years till I don’t give a damn what people see or hear from me. One of these days, I’ll be able to fart right in line at the grocery store and not care; just laugh when people make the face and blame it on the dog.

I always feel like…somebody’s watching meeeeeeeee Barrelassers; enjoy :/


Well, I’ve finally made it. I’m now old enough to dance around and sing along to Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days and have it all actually make a little more sense in my life. I mean, I’m not thinking about a girl I used to know, I am a happily married woman, and I had absolutely nothing to do with Baseball (except one time when I was in grade school, I was gonna try out for the Baseball team, I have no idea who’s idea that was, but me and two of my Barrelassin cousins were gonna do it, so all of our mothers bought us matching jersey type shirts, balls, bats, and gloves so we could practice at home first. I recall the day I was gonna tie my shoe and as I stood up, I got nailed in the head with the bat as my cousin proceeded to hit the ball. I lived. But it was all just a stupid, stupid idea.) Anyway, the point is, I’ve always liked that song, and I used to sing it so proudly, even though, I was just a kid, and had yet to experience the glory days that Bruce sings about. I hadn’t even been to high school yet, but now that I have, and my glory days are slightly different than the ones Bruce sings about, I at least have enough days behind me now to reflect on some of my very own glory days.

Here’s to ya Barrelassers, enjoy 🙂