I hope all the daddys out there had a totally rockin’ Father’s Day today! We had a blast today celebrating with my kids and the husband and close friends. I love my husband and all, and he’s a wonderful  dad to my kids (and technically he’s their stepfather.) He’s been with them for 11 years and they are his!! He loves them and they love him. I love him, too, but I’m crossing my fingers right now that when I step into the living room, he’s asleep on the couch so I  can have the one beer in the refrigerator. I love him and all, he’s a great dad to the kids, but I really want that beer to drink while I watch the Housewives and fall asleep! We’ll see, I guess. I spent part of my relaxing day explaining to a 76 yr old woman that my favorite show involves two women who hate one another, and I’m pretty sure the root of it all is Sprinkle Cookies. The RHONJ holds my attention; I can’t help it.  Let’s go see about that beer; Andy Cohen’s got the 411.

He’s the king of midnight fun! Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂

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