Continued from my last post. So where was I? Oh yeah, inner ear and capitalizing the word”Alphabet.” It really is an inner ear problem (Chelsey would believe me, I’m sure of it), but drinking Vodka, or any other alcohol would obviously only speed up the process of tripping over my feet. What the hell, it’s the second best reason to drink..so I can stumble for fun. The first reason being to go to my happy place. As far as the Alphabet is concerned, I figure I know it when I’m sober, and who really cares if it’s capitalized or not? I’ve watched “COPS” a lot and they always ask people to say it and never ask if it’s a capital “A”. But it’s obviously the name of something , so we’re using the capital A. So let’s see, let’s throw in another plug for my new eBook I ONLY WROTE THIS TO PISS PEOPLE OFF!  It has currently been accepted and awaiting shipment (I guess that means E-shipping) to all other major distributors like Amazon, Apple ibookstore, Barnes & Noble and many more. Now for the song (I haven’t closed with one lately) I’m gonna say Jump by Van Halen!

Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂

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