The only thing that would be more fun that hanging out with Chelsey Handler, would be hanging out with Chelsey Handler and Kathy Griffin at the same time! I wonder if that would make my head explode? That much silly-ass, bitchy fun in one room could be just enough to finally send me over the edge lol. I could drink Vodka with Chelsey and Kathy could be our designated driver! Maggie could come along and cuss me for repeating, “Hello Vodka and Chelsey, it’s me, Mickey.) And then Kathy would make me say “LGBT” over and over really fast instead of the Alaphabet to prove I’m not drunk, I just have an inner ear problem. I spend a good fifty percent of my day just stumbling over my own feet. (Is “Alphabet” even supposed to be capitalized?) Oh hell, to be continued……
Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂

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