Today in 1990, Milli Vanilli was stripped of their Grammy for not singing on their (or technically, someone else’s) album. The album was Girl You Know It’s True. I liked them even after I found out I didn’t know who I liked lol. I still wanted the same two guys to dance around and pretend they were singing those songs. Oh well, gotta blame it on somethin’ blame it on the rain I guess 😦


Hop on the bus Gus, make a new plan stan….you know the rest. This song makes me think of being on my aunt’s bed and her teaching us all the words to the song cause we thought it was so cool. It is cool, but it was even cooler then. I wasn’t even in school yet, I barely remember it. For some reason the song automatically makes me think of that silly thing we used to say to our friends as kids…I’m telling on you, why?  you kicked me off the bus and made me cuss. How about this? I’m telling on you. Why? You stole my dime. drank my wine, and turned me into Frankenstein. If I was Frankenstein, why would I tell on you? Why wouldn’t I jsut kick your ass for stealing my wine?
Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂


Am I the only one, who as a child had an argument with an adult insisting that Chicago Twenty 1 was the name of a band instead of the name of a band’s album? I’m just saying that it was very confusing for me. The dude on the radio always said that was a song from Chicago twenty 1, so naturally I thought that was the band’s entire name. But, I also thought I was going to marry Michael Jackson one day, so what the hell did I know?


Jem! Jem is truly amazing..truly truly truly amazing. That’s the song me and my barrelassin’ cousins would practice a million times so we could call the special number, sing it to a recording over the phone in hopes that we would win the contest. I can’t remember what to grand prize was, but we really wanted to win. We also thought we actually had a chance lol. We recorded it on a cassette tape as well. We were
ridiculous! I do have to say though, Jem, really was truly amazing, when Barbie & The Rockers looked like a bunch of kids from the totally awesome movie, “Valley Girl.” Which only means one thing, I’ll stop the world and melt for you.
Enjoy Barrelassers


You dropped a bomb on me, baby, you dropped a bomb on me. I so remember standing in my grandmother’s livingroom dancing to this song, circa 1982 I guess. That song still makes me wanna dance! I was very young, and I didn’t understand it at all. At least now I understand that his lover wasn’t actually trying to blow him up. I didn’t know that then, but I didn’t care. It was a catchy tune, and if some poor guy’s lover had to drop a bomb on him so that I could show off some not so well planned out moves on the carpet, it was really none of my business. My only job was to break it on down.