So I finally saw Rock of Ages. Yep, that’s pretty much the musical that’s in my head all the time. I loved it. Anyone else notice Sebastian Bach and Debbie (now known as Deborah) Gibson outside the club in the crowd? Lots of cameos!



1983…Stevie Nicks was singing “Stand Back, Stand Back” and me and my cousin changed the words to “Tampax Tampax.” Considering we were barely even ten years old, that wasn’t bad. We must’ve been so smart 🙂 We laughed and laughed. We were so cool. Then I’m sure we totally played with our Barbies and Hotwheels.


I just heard another commercial about unwanted embarrassing hair. Ya know, there was a time when nobody did anything about this and everyone was okay with it. (Magnum P.I.) Everyone turned out just fine as far as I can tell. You didn’t see Paul Stanley (KISS) trimming his chest. Just sayin’ Barrelassers 🙂


Well, it’s not lunch time, it’s dinner time, but either way I’m back. I learned something new today on
my earlier recorded Anderson Cooper. One new word entered into the dictionary this year was ear worm. The meaning is a song or melody that repeats itself in someone’s head. So apparently the radio station in my head is just an ear worm. So, the ear worm now is, It’s a Miracle, by Boy George.
A small miracle happened today and I’ve been singing it since then. Can’t go into it now,
hittin’ up Walmart.But do sing along
Barrelassers 🙂


“Love is alive and at our breakfast table everyday of the week. Love is alive and it grows everyday and night even in our sleep. Love is alive and it’s made a happy woman outta me, oh love is alive…and here by me.”
I’m totally kidding. All the love in my house is asleep except me. I just had Ramen noodles for breakfast (of all things, can you imagine?) by myself while reading a magazine.
That’s a great song by The Judds, who I really like, but the only reason I’m singing that song is because I started out singing that song “Love don’t live here…anynore” by another lady who’s name is on the tip of my tongue, but I thought…well that’s not true. So I had to counteract that song with a happy song about love living here. Crazy, right? I can already tell this is gonna be a hell of a morning for the radio in my head.
Until further notice(hopefully around lunch time) sing some Judds. Any song you like. Go all crazy with it!
Enjoy Barrelassers 🙂


 Now then, Barrelassin’ through life today I chose to crank up Duran Duran’s Greatest. I must say this was against my son’s wishes, but I was driving , so I won.
This takes me back to the days when fan clubs were the big thing. However, looking back, I never remember joining a single fan club for a rock or pop band or artist. That seems odd to me. I must have joined a zillion Country bands/artists fan clubs, but only remember ever getting newsletters or anything from Mickey Gilley and The Osmond Brothers. Anyway, back to the point. I recall me and my cousin listening to Duran Duran one day way back when, and coming up with this grand story to tell my younger cousin. We ended up telling her that we had joined the Duran Duran fan club, and they had called us to work for the fan club. Only someone younger than us, which was about eleven would’ve believed that two twelve year olds were now going to be in charge of the Duran Duran fan club. They were gonna call us with more details when they got to town, which of course would be at a secret time. I wonder what kind of job we would’ve done? Do they even have a fan club now? Why the big lie to my little cousin? We didn’t have computers and Ipods and texting and all that. We had outside and thought we were lucky to have MTV. 

 Well, I still haven’t found the energy to bring back Parachute pants, but maybe over the weekend….Shouldn’t be too hard to pretend with this song stuck in your head today…Union of the Snake, by Duran Duran. Enjoy Barrelassers