Every KISS song I’ve ever heard is swirling in my head right now! It’s a real mess up there. I may poo my pants in honor of the fact that Gene Simmons’ wife, Shannon Tweed, responded to one of my tweets. Nothing big, just talkin’ bout the weather, literally lol. I have sooo many KISS memories that I can’t begin to talk about them all, so I’m gonna make one up. Here’s how I picture it…her and Gene are

chillin’ on the bed after a long day, (like on their show) she’s checking her tweets, Gene’s in his one piece pajamas, she’s tweeting back and forth with her followers, and then somehow they have a big discussion about my tweet, and say “Barrelassin'” a bunch of times. The End and I live happily ever after 🙂 Oh wait, and then pretend this morning Gene woke up and wanted to buy my name and logo for millions and I said “yes” and I got rich as hell, and took all my friends out for cocktails 🙂

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